Mayumi Anzai

I liked learning English since I was in elementary school and was having a image to talk学to all the people in the world by learning English since then.

After joining an exchange program to U.S.A. and traveling in the world, I wanted to become a diplomat for a while, but I ended up opening a café which is an international meeting spot now and became a little diplomat to host people from all over the world there and help people as an information center.

I got introduce to the first meeting by Ms. Nakano and still staying as a director after being overwhelmed by director Kawase, and other people around.

Since my café is in Naramachi, the scene of "Sarasoju" by director Kawase, I was fascinated by her expression which doesn't have Nara taste in a way and keep feeling compassion to her women like ideas.

"Nara to the world, the world to Nara"
"Make International touristic city Nara to the international exchange city"

I'd like to do something for "Nara International Film Festival" having such goals.

Mayumi Anzai, Owner of NARACAFE Youan



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