Yoshihisa Yamada

I'm Yoshihisa Yamada, a director of Nara International Film Festival.
I own a small advertising company in Nara.

I love films and music, and I download more than 100 songs from apple iTunes.

I joined the Nara International Film Festival executive committee through director Kawase.

I met director Kawase for the first time when she came to talk for the economic organization exactly 3 years ago.
I remember that she gave me a thin name card printed with copy machine.
She talked me very friendly and I had the first impression of her as a smart person.
I asked her what was her impression of me, and she said "a talkative man".

Afterwards, I remember I got a call from her with joy when "Mogari no mori-Mourning Forest" was nominated to the last selection for the grand prize of Cannes International Film Festival.
I guess she wanted to tell everybody as she called even to person like me.

I accepted a role as a director of executive committee so that I can do even a little to help director Kawase having strong passion to hold an international film festival in Nara.

We will work on creating a film festival having home-made nice taste of Nara.
Thank you for your corporation.

Yoshihisa Yamada(President of Daikosenden Co.ltd.)



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