Films about Nara

NIFF presents two Nara-related films - Orochi and Ven. Jian Zhen.

Orochi (1925, Japan), a silent swordplay movie, was directed by Tsumasaburo Bando as his first work since he had started his own production company. It was shot at Todaiji and Himuro Shrine. Orochi remains in excellent condition, which is rare as a silent film prior to WWII. Bando's masterful sword fighting in the last scene brought "Bantsuma" fame as the king of sword.

Ven. Jian Zhen (2010, Taiwan) chronicles Jian Zhen's visit to Japan. The film revolves around the interchange between Tang Dynasty and Heijokyo (Nara) in the 8th century. This animation film was premiered in Taiwan in 2010, the year of the 1300th anniversary of the birth of Heijokyo. The Japan premiere-worth a watch!

Orochi and Ven. Jian Zhen are must-watch movies to better understand Nara's unique culture and history.

Films about Nara

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