Aug 26th Masakatsu Takagi Special Program

takagi-01.jpg (↑ドキュメンタリーフィルム「或る音楽」より)

There will be different kinds of aspects presented in this program; a film screening of the latest from the initial films by Masakatsu Takagi, a film director and a musician, a film screening of a documentary film produced based on his concert in 2008, a special talk show with Naomi Kawase, and also his live concert.

It is the first challenge to present a young artist who is active internationally to develop a new film culture integrating different areas such as image, music, film, art.

Besides! This live will be the beginning of his first piano solo concert tour that he will play a new song.

Nara Prefectural Culture Hall
August 26th(Thu.) 15:30 Admission 16:00 Start
Advance 3,000yen/Walk-in 3,500yen Please check this page for details.

☆ Special Tour "Masakatsu Takagi Special program" for fans from Tokyo"(Japanese only)

Film Screening Selection Original Work

Film Screening Program covering the most representative works including recent works together with valuable works which are rarely screened; a debut work, works which are not released in DVDs, collaborative works. Takagi's selection.

Film Screening Documentary Film "A music"

A documentary film produced by weaving interviews and natural sceneries into scenes from "Tai Rei Tei Rio", the concert with 10 other musicians in 2008, as the center piece. A work which gazes carefully into "the moment when music is born".

"ARU ONGAKU -A Music" 2009/color/HDCAM SR 5.1ch/72min
Music and stage visuals by Masakatsu Takagi
Director : Takashi Tomohisa
Producer : Sari Hayashiguchi, Masahiro Nobuta
Production and distribution : Epiphanyworks

Special Talk Show : Masakatsu Takagi x Naomi Kawase

A special talk show by two artists involved in the same image culture. Mr. Takagi who continues producing in Kameoka, Kyoto prefecture, and Kawase, who has a root in Nara might have a common view of nature etc.

Piano Solo Live Concert

He will play live music with his image work on the back screen. Takagi's next challenge after finishing "Tai Rei Tei Rio", where he co-stars with 10 musicians is a solo live concert to face the piano. He will play the brand new song to celebrate the first concert of his tour in Nara.

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