Logotype story

ロゴマークThe logotype of Nara international film festival has origin in "Tenpyo no Iraka"-the roof tile of Tenpyo period.
1300 years ago, the Heijo palace was built in Nara. Some roof tiles for the front of houses with the design of eight folded cherry blossom flower were found from the site. The roof tiles for the front of houses are ones which support other tiles and they were the symbols of temples and houses of nobles back then.

"Ancient eight folded cherry blossom flowers in Nara Palace Blooming beautifully in the palace."

This is the famous song composed by Ise-no-Taifu which is the 61th song in Ogura Hyakunin Isshu-the Handred Poems of the One Hunderd Poets-. Thanks to this song, eight folded cherry blossom flowers are now the symbolic flower of the ancient Nara.

This symbol of eight folded cherry blossoms was chosen as the logo type of Nara International Film Festival as it is held in the 1300th anniversary year of Heijo Palace. 24 dots around the flower show the 24 seconds of films. The 5 petals of the flower represents the 5 continents and the 7 dots(stamens) represents the seven oceans to make the world as one.

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