Yutaka Yasaka

I wanted to become a hotelman, and succeeded to get a position in a hotel in Tokyo through my father's connection.

I have been working as a genuine hotel businessman for 32 years.


The jobs I have done are waiter, doorman, bellboy, front clerk, domestic sales, international sales, general manager and president.

The places I worked are Tokyo, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Hakodate, Hachijojima, Tokyo, Hakone, Tokyo and Nara.


I met many kind of people in many kinds of places and finally came to Nara 7years ago.

I spend days thinking about how to transmit the attraction of great countryside Nara now.


I was fascinated by the Nara International Film Festival since I think the word "international" fits to this great countryside of Japan.


I hope this film festival will become an entertainment for local people, and their feeling will be transmitted to all the people who are joining the film festival, and it will become a festival where participants, guests and local people welcoming them feel happiness.


My job now is a elevator boy/president of Nara Royal Hotel.


Name: Yutaka Yasaka

(President of Nara Royal Hotel)

Birthday: March 28th, 1954

Brithplace: Hayama, Miura district, Kanagawa

Constellation and blood type: Aries, O



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