Yukari Ihara

It's been 3 years since I started taking a part of preparation of Nara International Film Festival.

I think "film" is a media which shakes different kinds of emotions deep inside people and waken them up.

It will be unforgettable emotional experience for many people by showing high quality films around in Nara.

The beauty of Nara as the back scene in the unforgettable memory of people who come to Nara International Film Festival...
The beauty of the generous nature and lives of people who had been living with it.
I really hope that they remain forever.

Because I think it will be the most important strong base for continuing the beauty of Nara to the future generation to accumulate such feelings.

The college I belong to now called "Nara prefectural college" has one faculty of regional studies.
Both professors and students challenge a difficult theme of finding hidden local values, enhance them, and refine them struggling everyday.

As a person who belong to such a college and taking part of education and research.
The more, as a citizen of Nara prefecture who are proud of the beauty of this city by living here.

I'm looking forward to the first Nara International Film Festival held in this beautiful city Nara in August 2010, and that the project will continue forever.

Name: Yukari Ihara
Work place: Nara prefectural college, faculty of regional studies
Date of birth: January 11th, 1975
Specialty: Landscape design(Environmental design studies), evaluation, conservation and utilization of cultural heritages(especially landscape heritages)
Course: Cultural Theory, Japanese Culture, Regional Culture, Region Conservation



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