Atsushi Tetto

Nice to meet you, my name is Tetto.
It's a weird name, isn't it?
I've been concerned with Nara since I was born, and
It's been already 12 years since I started working in Nara.
Before that, I was working for SONY living in Tokyo.
TOKYO→NARA, from a capital to another capital, you know.
Now I work for a company called N.I.Planning Inc. which is "a general communication company aiming for revitalize Nara".
This company is very unique with lots of young staffs editing a magazine of Nara, planning events, managing websites...
I work pretty seriously from morning to evening thinking about Nara.
The president is interesting guy suddenly starting to talk about things.(actually my brother, though)
"What is revitalizing Nara?"
... It will get pretty long if I start, so I will leave it for the next time.

The most popular product is "Town information Purple".
Do you know it?


I also edit a magazine called "naranto"
It's called naranto, and it's more for adults than "Purple".
The basic concept is the same even thought they target different people.
"To transmit information of Nara more and more to let people living in Nara know more about Nara, and to enjoy Nara more and more!"

Well, I finish advertising my company.
Yes, "Nara International Film Festival".
I had heard about Nara International Film Festival before as a matter of course.
I have worked with director Kawase before, and covered her for "Purple" and "naranto".
The passion for Nara... great lady! I thought.(it's a bit too much complement..)
I got an offer to be a director of the film festival to start working together..
What kind of chance is it?

I was born in Ikoma city and stayed there until I graduated junior high school.
When I went to watch movies... well, 20 minutes by rapid express to Namba and 15 minutes to Nara.
Only 5 minutes difference.
Well, I wonder.. but I can go shopping in Minami(Namba) and there is nothing in Nara.
Ok, let's go to Namba, Namba, like that.
Now I have a completely opposite standpoint.
Yes, there are, maaaaaany things in Nara!
Good movie theaters, nice shops, interesting people.
Good parts of Nara which I couldn't realize until becoming an adult, but not when I was a junior high school student.

I think there are pretty many people who had such similar experience as me.
Haven't you felt the comfortable feeling like "ah, Nara is not bad" by beeing concerned with Nara, not only the one who live there.
Nara International Film Festival is not only a temporary festival.
10years, 20 years, 100years? 200years? As Nara is.
As many people have continued the culture of Nara.
Now, we are also starting.
I hope to continue together with lots of people.
Films helped me in many aspects of my life when I was happy or sad.
Now I have a chance to contribute to Nara through the films! I'll pay back to Nara!

And now we are looking for "supporters".
I hope we can witness how this film festival come alive with many people!

Atsushi Tetto
Born in Ikoma city, My 28th, 1969
Managing director of N.I.Planning Inc./Chief editor of "naranto"



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