NARAtive - The Film Project

NARAtive - The Film Project Connecting The Present To The Future, Nara To The World

NARAtive, a coinage combining "Nara" and "narrative," is designed to promote Nara to the rest of the world. The mission of NARAtive is to present outstanding films that represent the charm of Nara. It is our great pleasure to record the nature and people of Nara on film and hand them to the next generation.

The NIFF invites young promising directors to Nara. They make films that are set in Nara. Experienced staff and the local people support their shootings. Filming in/about Nara by the directors coming from outside of Nara allows the local people to strengthen their sense of community and to socialize with the shooting staff. Then, the NARAtive movies travel around the world to mesmerize people with its beauty.

NARAtive encourages new talents to make films and help people all over the world discover Nara.


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Winner of the Golden SHIKA Award is privileged to take the next NARAtive project. Last year's winner is Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio, who starts shooting of new NARAtive film in Totsukawa village, Nara, in April 2011.


 directed by Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio


narative01-2-s-thumb-150x96-373.jpgLast Chestnuts   bion0324.png     bion
  directed by Zhao Ye                                              directed by Toyoko Yamasaki

To read the "bion diaries" written by director Toyoko Yamasaki and the lead actor Tohta Komizu, click here.

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